Texas Police Chief Saves Baby Who Stopped Breathing

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A Texas police chief is being praised after he was caught on camera saving a baby who stopped breathing. 

Chief Rex Evans was on routine patrol Friday in Splendora, Texas, when a woman in a mini-van pulled up beside him and screamed that her baby was not breathing. 

He called paramedics but also jumped out of his car, flung open the door to the mini-van and grabbed the baby to begin CPR. The dramatic rescue was captured on his body camera.

As the ambulance arrived on the scene, the baby started breathing.

"She's breathing," Evans says in the video. "She's breathing."

The mom is heard crying in relief.

"The baby was very discolored," Evans later told KTRK. "Eyes were rolled back. Immediately started some compressions and lifted the baby forward, because I observed that there was some liquid in its mouth and around its nose. Cleared all that out. Within about a minute or so, baby, its eyes rolled back, forward, and started immediately to breathe and cry. It was such a relief."

The infant was transported to a local hospital and is reported to be doing just fine. 

The chief has been praised by locals and the baby’s parents but he says he was just doing his job. 


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