Texas School Bus Driver Called a Hero After Saving Boy, 7, From Choking on a Coin

An average of 140 children die by choking every year.

Kids put stuff in their mouth all the time but when one 7-year-old boy on the school bus swallowed a quarter, it could have ended in disaster if not for his quick-thinking driver.

During a recent bus ride in Dallas, Texas, the child named Preston swallowed a quarter and quickly realized he was choking.

He ran to the driver, Rachael Baker, who thought the boy was just carsick and opened the door for him so he could vomit on the side of the road.

Suddenly, Baker realized that the boy wasn’t sick at all, after Preston was able to say that he swallowed a coin.

The situation was dire after Preston went limp. She carried him off the bus and told Inside Edition that the boy stopped talking.

“He was limp and I was just telling him, ‘baby, breathe, I got you,” she recalled. “I was like, I've got to save his life because he is not breathing.”

As she carried him to the sidewalk, she began doing the Heimlich maneuver, and out popped the quarter.

Preston's mom, Giovana, can't bring herself to watch the video but told Inside Edition that Baker “saved my baby's life that day. She is both of our heroes, me and Preston, we look at her as our angel.”

Preston promises never to swallow a coin again.

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