Texas Woman Gored by Bison Says She Got 'Way Too Close' to Herd on Hiking Path

Rebecca Clark tells Inside Edition she didn’t turn around, because she had already passed the bison once without incident. As one of the beasts charged, she dropped her cellphone, though it still captured her harrowing cries after being gored in the back.

A Texas woman says she got “way too close” to several bison on the trail before one of them charged at her and gored her in the back. 

Rebecca Clark was hiking in a state park when she came upon the herd. She took out her phone and started recording. 

“I’m gonna see if I can try to make it by. Wish me luck,” Clark says in the video.

She waited for the majestic beasts to pass and proceeded to engage in a friendly conversation.

“All right, guys. Keep going. Go over there to your babies, so that I can get by. There you go. Keep going,” Clark says.

Clark tells Inside Edition she didn’t turn around, because she had already passed them once without incident and she “felt confident about it." 

As Clark got closer to the animals on the path, one bison turned around and growled before charging at her. She dropped her phone as the beast gored her in the back, sending her into a thorny bush.

“It felt like a truck hitting you. He gored me, he hooked me with his horn, flipped me up, almost like backwards, kind of flipped me and then projected me forward into a mesquite bush,” Clark said.

With limited cell phone service to call 911, Clark sent this text to her 22-year-old son. “I’ve been hit by buffalo. I'm serious. Please send help. I can’t move.”

Clark was taken by ambulance to one hospital and then airlifted to a trauma hospital. She spent six days there healing from a large gash on her back. She says she’s lucky to be alive with no injuries to her spine or internal organs.

Despite their size, bison can run three times faster than a human.

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