Bison Attack Leaves Woman Without Pants After She Got Too Close for Photo Op

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A woman who attempted to approach a bison for a photo opportunity in South Dakota's Custer State Park is lucky to be alive after the animal viciously attacked her, removing her pants in the process. As the unidentified woman inched closer to the bison, onlookers voiced their concerns in harrowing video captured of the incident.

"How close does she have to get?" one woman said.

She seemed fearless as she approached the huge beasts.

"What the f**k are you doing?" another man said.

Then, it all went horribly wrong. The woman was picked up and tossed around by one of the animals for several seconds. Witnesses rushed to help the woman as bystanders realized the woman's pants were left on its horns. Eventually, another man managed to retrieve them. 

The accident is the latest bison attack caught on camera. A youngster survived one in Yellowstone last year. Another visitor was even caught on camera taunting one of the animals.

"Stop this nonsense, OK?" said wildlife expert Ron Magil. "These are wild animals."

Magil said that bison are dangerous because they don't "give you signs of getting agitated."

"A cat will put its ears back and snarl or something like that. A bison might be grazing and then in a split second turn on you," Magil said. 

The woman in the South Dakota attack was airlifted to a hospital but reportedly escaped serious injury.

Along with posted signs at the park warning guests not to get close to bison, the local sheriff had also just posted on social media, "Remember this is their park and we are their guests, so keep your distance."


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