Cat Burglar Sneaks Out Every Night to Steal Shoes Off Porches

The 6-year-old cat named Jordan has brought home nearly 80 shoes and counting.

A feline thief in Altoona, Pennsylvania is making waves for sneaking out every night to steal shoes from around the neighborhood. The 6-year-old kitty named Jordan roams around taking them from front porches and has brought home nearly 80 shoes and counting.

Jordan’s family, mother BJ Ross and her son Gavin, set up cameras and put a tracking device on him to see where he’s finding so many shoes.

BJ also started a Facebook group to return stolen shoes to their rightful owners.

"I had a pair of shoes sitting out on my back porch they went missing, and I'm like, OK," said neighbor Chelsea Rebinald. "I actually did not have any idea that it would have been a cat taking the shoes to tell you the truth." 

Jordan even likes to admire his stash.

"When we brought the shoes in and put them on the table, he came over like, what are you doing?" Ross said.