Florida Woman Allegedly Pulls Gator From Yoga Pants During Traffic Stop

Police had already found 41 turtles in the car.

Police in Florida say they pulled a couple over after they blew through a stop sign. But there's no way officers could have predicted what they would find inside the car.

After a quick search, officers found 41 turtles stuffed in a bag. When cops asked if the pair had anything else, the woman allegedly whipped out a 12-inch-long alligator from her yoga pants.

According to the man's father, it was just an ordinary day for his son. "Not surprised at all,” he told WINK, laughing. “He didn't hurt them at all. He just loves animals and catches them and releases them."

WINK reported that the two told authorities they'd been collecting snakes and frogs from a nearby overpass.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ended up collecting the reptiles and then releasing them.

Floridians must have a permit to hunt alligators, so the pair was cited for their little passenger.