Thai Restaurant Says They Will Not Issue Refunds to Customers Who Can’t Handle the Spice in Their Food

Thai Food
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There are very few Thai restaurants in the Catskills region but this might be only joint that is issuing a disclaimer.

If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of this place’s kitchen. A Thai restaurant in Upstate New York is saying too bad to diners who find their food too spicy.

A Thai restaurant in the Catskills has gone viral after a patron posted an image on Twitter showcasing a sign in the shop’s window saying that they will not issue refunds if you complain that the food is too spicy.

The sign, which was posted to Twitter on Sept. 29 by Rani Molla, a senior correspondent at Recode, read: “Spice level warning: Level 0-5. We will no longer issue refunds when you order your food spicy and can’t handle it.”

Molla captioned the photo, “Local Thai place no longer suffering fools."

The image was shared over 11,000 times and has over 123,000 likes.

The food's official Scoville level, the scale by which the pungency, or spiciness or "heat" of chili peppers used is measured, is unknown, but those on social media were quick to criticize anyone ordering anything advertised as spicy without being prepared to feel the burn. 

"Imagine ordering spicy food then trying to return it because it’s spicy? Arrestable offense," Molla wrote. "We ordered 3 for the baby. Level 3 was fine for our 2 year old, who ate it all without sending it back. Though, to be fair, he didn't pay."

"Good. They shouldn't have had to suffer them from the start," another person commented. "You order Thai food spicy, you either enjoy the suffering or you don't. Them's the breaks."

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