Thailand Cave Rescue: Soccer Team's Ordeal May Get Hollywood Treatment

Writer and producer Michael Scott traveled to Thailand to witness the rescue first hand.

As the 12 soccer players and their coach emerged from a Thailand cave after a more than two-week ordeal, there is already a movie in the works. 

Filmmakers Adam Smith and Michael Scott are in Thailand trying to lock up the rights to the children’s story. 

"This is about portraying the events that happened here in an accurate way," Scott told Inside Edition Tuesday. "[And] also honor all of the people involved." 

Scott is the producer of such inspirational films as "God's Not Dead."

The fate of 12 boys and their coach from Thailand captured hearts in America and across the globe.

As it became clear that all 12 players and their coach made it out safely, news networks around the world broke into their programming to report on the success of the rescue. 

Chris Reason of 7 News Australia has been covering the drama. 

“It’s one of those moments that brought everyone together," he told Inside Edition. "Not just in Thailand, but around the world."

He said it was a "wonderful moment" as he saw the boys emerge from the cave.

“I was surrounded by hundreds of volunteers that have been helping out with the rescue and when that final word came that all the boys had been rescued, the place erupted," Reason added. "There was so much happiness here was so much joy. It's not often you get top cover a positive story — this was as good as it gets."

In a gesture of kindness, English soccer giants Manchester United have invited the Thai soccer team to Old Trafford to watch them play in its upcoming season.