Thanks to the Internet, One Dog Won't Ever Run Out of His Favorite Discontinued Toy

Kelli Brown
Kelli Brown

His owner went online for help.

A pup in Kentucky can rest easily now that he knows he’ll have his favorite plush toy for life.

Kelli Brown, of Bowling Green, was dismayed when she learned her local PetSmart was no longer selling her dog Jaxon’s favorite toy, the green alligator plush toy that she’d been replacing for years.

“We adopted him of December 2014. I put one of those [toys] in his stocking that first year,” Brown told “It’s always been the only toy he’s had any interest in.” 

She gave Jaxon, a Chihuahua-mix, his newest one this past Christmas, but one of their other dogs tore it up just two weeks later.

But when Brown headed to her local PetSmart to pick up another, a clerk informed her that the toy had been discontinued.

“I went home kind of panicked,” Brown said. “We spent hours Googling online. They were gone everywhere.”

Brown then came up with the idea to post a request for the toy on Twitter.

A few days later, she had eight of the discontinued toys on their way to her in the mail, thanks to a PetSmart employee in Texas who’d seen Brown’s tweets.

“She said that she would check the clearance bin and she ended up finding eight total,” Brown said. “I was super excited that she found any at all. I couldn’t believe it.”

Jaxon, who is 12, wasted no time picking his favorite plush alligator out of the bunch. Brown plans to keep the rest up until he’s ready for them.

“Hopefully we can’t go through all of those in his lifetime,” Brown said.