‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ Stars’ Real Spouses Brought in as Stand-Ins for Kissing Scenes Amid COVID-19

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In the age of COVID-19, soap operas known for their steamy romantic scenes have had to get creative to keep the stories going on camera while taking adequate precautions for the actors. Intimate scenes have proved difficult to shoot.

At “The Bold and The Beautiful,” actors have to stay at least six feet apart, even during scenes. In one hospital scene, the patient was a mannequin, and all you can see in the final is a tight shot of their hands.

With the sparks not flying, actors’ real spouses were brought in for kissing scenes.

Denise Richards' husband Aaron filled in for one kissing scene. Lawrence Saint-Victor’s wife Shay is another so-called “intimacy double,” filling in for his character’s love interest.

“The kiss was easy,” Saint-Victor told Inside Edition. “Everything before the kiss was difficult.”

Kiara Barnes normally plays Saint-Victor’s love interest on the show.

“I like it. I think it makes it a little more realistic. It’s really hard to work with a mannequin,” Barnes told Inside Edition.


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