The Dangers of Carving Pumpkins

Follow these tips to stay safe when getting in the spooky spirit.

It's time to get into the spooky season!

Halloween fanatics are getting out their pumpkins and carving knifes for some frighteningly fun crafts. But one slip of the hand, and that fun can turn into bloody horror.

There are some dangers that come with handling sharp tools, especially with kids around. So Dr. Duretti Fufa, a hand surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, has some tips for staying safe.

She said to stabilize your pumpkin before you start and always keep your work space dry so you can keep a firm grip on your tools.

"The pumpkin can very easily slip. Your instruments can become wet and that's where accidents happen," Fufa said.

And instead of trying to hold onto a regular kitchen knife, which could lead to sliced fingers and hands, Fufa recommended opting for specially designed pumpkin carving kits.

Always use a sawing motion when carving — not a stabbing motion. And never cut toward your hand or put your hand inside the pumpkin while carving.