Creepy Clowns Spook Journalists Live on Air in Arizona, Iowa

April Warnecke of Arizona and Karine Hafuta of Iowa were both live on air when they got the shock of a lifetime from pranksters in clown costumes.

Arizona meteorologist April Warnecke was in the middle of her forecast when an unexpected — and unwelcome — guest dropped right in. 

A creepy clown bearing a box of donuts surprised her on live TV. As he followed Warnecke around the studio, she immediately suspected her "Good Morning Arizona" colleagues were behind the prank. But the KTVK meteorologist wanted nothing to do with the devilish donut deliveryman. 

"I don't like scary things at all, I don't like haunted houses, I don't like horror movies, none of it," Warnecke told "Clowns in general don't scare me, but that particular clown had very sharp teeth and a very evil look on his face so even with the donuts, I did not want to hang out with him." 

The clown got closer and closer to her, asking for a hug, before a producer escorted him out. 

And Warnecke wasn't the only one to have a scary clown prank her on-air. 

In Iowa, KMTV's Karine Hafuta got the scare of a lifetime live on air when a clown jumped out from a haunted house where she was reporting. Hafuta screamed but then quickly regained her composure and even managed a laugh. 

"I was so terrified, I even fell down to my knees! I’m surprised I didn’t drop the microphone," Hafuta told "Something in me, however, knew I was still live, and I had no choice but to proceed even though the whole time after the scare my legs felt like Jell-O. After re-watching it, I was so surprised I kept my cool even though I was shaking for about an hour after the fact. It was definitely a good laugh looking back at it for me and all my coworkers!" 

So this spooky season, watch out — you never know who could be clowning around behind that creepy mask.