Teen Moms Accept Their High School Diplomas as Kids Look On

The moment was emotional for both.

Two Iowa teen mothers proudly accepted their high school diplomas as their children looked on. 

Marshay Collier, 17, dressed her 10-month old daughter, Camiya, in her own cap and gown to accept the honor. Collier said her desire to set an example for her daughter gave her the motivation she needed to push through. 

"I was so excited to walk the stage," Collier told local station KCCI.

Collier admitted that she wondered if she would graduate even before she got pregnant, so the fact that she did it with a young baby to care for makes her achievement all the more impressive. 

Another mom, Ivory Jensen, knows just what it's like. Her daughters were there to witness her accept her diploma, an emotional experience for Ivory.

A family member snapped a photo of her tearing up while holding her 2-year-old. 

"She came crying and running up to me and then it made me cry because I was able to tell her I did it," Jensen said. 

"Your mommy did it!"