Prince Family Responds After Comments About Newborn's Skin and Eye Color in Birth Video

Biannca and Damien Prince insist they are not colorist.

The parents behind the YouTube-famous “Prince Family” are under fire for making controversial comments about their newborn’s skin and eye color shortly after giving birth.

“I thought you were going to have pretty eyes,” mom Biannca Prince said of her baby girl Nova Grace, apparently disappointed her eyes are not blue or green.

Dad Damien Prince commented on the newborn’s skin color later on in the video: “She’s definitely going to get darker. You can see, especially around her nails. Oh, her ears are dark.”

However, fans say they ruined what should have been a beautiful family moment by fixating on Nova Grace’s skin color and eyes just moments after she was born.

Colorism is a real thing,” one commenter wrote on YouTube. “I dislike that Damien is not happy with being dark. Like my dude dark is beautiful.”

Another wrote, “Although this is a precious moment but I’m really getting annoyed by the ‘skin color’ this and that and eye color not this or that it’s giving me anxiety this baby is beautiful.”

The couple responded to the criticisms in their latest video, titled “NOVA HAS COLORIST PARENTS”.

“I just meant I wish she would have had my eyes,” Biannca said. “It’s just a preference, it doesn’t mean I love her any less.”

She continued, “If I was a colorist why am I dating a black male? Half of my family is black. I had three kids by a black man. That does not make me a colorist.”

Biannca and Damien both said they love all of their children and do not plan to take the video down since it captures one of the happiest days of their lives.