When a Pennywise the Clown Doll Mysteriously Appeared in Woman's Backyard, Cops Told Her to Burn It

They burned the doll.
Credit: Renee Jensen

How did a creepy clown doll from the movie “It” end up in a New Jersey’s woman’s backyard? She still wants to know. 

Renee Jensen was hanging by her pool in Harrington Park with her boyfriend, Alex, over the weekend when she saw something fly over her gate. 

“I went over to the gate and opened it and the object in question was laying on its belly. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was some sort of stuffed toy,” Jensen told InsideEdition.com. “I turned it over and saw the clown and the writing on the forehead and jumped back in shock and fear.”

It was Pennywise, the killer clown from Stephen King's 1986 novel and the 1990 film adaptation. The first half of a new movie adaptation of the book came out in 2017, with the second coming later this year.

Jensen and her boyfriend said they’d both seen the original movie and read the book, but they’re not sure why doll would appear in their yard.

“We have no idea how it ended up there. We only have one neighbor and our property is lined with a million bushes and trees,” Jensen said. “They are a nice couple and were not outside. No kids or pets either.”

Jensen didn’t call the police until she posted about the experience on Facebook and people encouraged her to do so. She thought she wouldn’t be taken seriously by authorities. 

“The police department was great. They did not make fun of us and they said it was good we called it in. They surveyed the property and took a look at the doll,” Jensen said. “They didn't want to touch it or take it with them to the station, and they suggested humorously that we destroy it.”

And that they did, burning it in a fire pit.

“The clown is dead,” Jensen said jokingly. 

That night, Jensen slept with a knife under her pillow while her boyfriend was at work. She said she is better now, but the whole ordeal certainly scared them.

“It was just so creepy, bizarre, and unbelievable,” she said.


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