The First Symptom 12-Year-Old With Coronavirus Experienced Was a Stomach Ache. Then Her Heart Stopped.

Doctors are seeing COVID-19 symptoms manifest differently in children than in adults.

A Louisiana 12-year-old’s family didn’t know whether she would ever recover from the coronavirus after her battle with the disease led to her heart stopping for nearly two minutes.

Today, Juliet Daly of Covington, is starting to get back to normal. “I am feeling a lot better,” she told Inside Edition. “I am still a bit lightheaded and weak, but I think with time, I will make a full recovery.”

But it was not long ago when that wasn’t a given. Juliet’s battle with the coronavirus began about a month ago with a stomach ache – not typically one of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.

“She had no cough, no shortness of breath,” her mom, Jennifer Daly, said. “She had a brief fever, which we treated with Tylenol. Her symptoms were really nausea, vomiting and the abdominal pain.”

Jennifer, who is also a doctor, said her daughter’s condition deteriorated quickly. Juliet was rushed to Oschner Hospital for Children in New Orleans and there, she went into cardiac arrest.

Her heart stopped for two minutes, and doctors scrambled to revive her.

“It was extremely terrifying,” Jennifer recalled. “Something I hope no other parent has to go through. It was unimaginably difficult. I have never cried so much in my entire life or had been so scared.”

Dr. Jake Kleinmahon, who treated Juliet, said there are more and more cases of the coronavirus being life threatening in younger children.

Other doctors around the world also reported the virus sometimes presents itself differently in children, as was the case with Juliet’s stomach ache. For example, some kids battling the coronavirus are developing rare inflammatory symptoms normally related to Kawasaki disease.