The Hottest Dish to Eat in Los Angeles Right Now Comes From a Bucket Lowered From a Fire Escape

Cara Haltiwanger discovered an ingenious way to keep her restaurant in business during the coronavirus pandemic.

People in Los Angeles are going wild over a sandwich, but you won’t find it in any restaurant. It comes from a bucket hanging off a fourth floor fire escape.

When COVID-19 hit and restaurants closed, chef Cara Haltiwanger knew she had to make ends meet. She created the “Calabama Breakfast Sandwich,” and started selling them out of her window.

“After we got shut down, I was just talking to my brother and I was like, ‘Do you think this is the dumbest idea, if we just try this from my fire escape?’ And he said, ‘Only one way to find out,’” Haltiwanger said.

The $13 sandwich with bacon, eggs, cheese, grilled onions, avocado and garlic aioli, along with homemade hot sauce, is in such high demand, orders for Sunday must be put in on Thursday.

Halle Berry is one of Calabama's customers. “If you want the best breakfast sandwich in all of Los Angeles, come check out Calabama,” the actress said.