The Remains of an Ohio Woman Missing Since 2017 Were Found by Dog Owner Searching for Her Pet

Image of Amy Hambrick
Facebook/Help Find Me, I'm Amy Hambrick

The remains of Amy Hambrick were discovered by a woman looking for her missing dog.

After over five years, the search for Amy Hambrick is over following the discovery of her remains by a woman who was looking for her dog. 

Remains found last month were identified on Sept. 13 as those of Amy Hambrick, who went missing in 2017, according to the New York Post. 

After Hambrick went missing in November of 2017, her family has tried offering a reward, made a Facebook page, a website, and billboard in attempts to find their loved one for over 5 years, according to the Facebook page created by the family. 

“She had this laugh that if anybody knew Amy, they know that laugh,” Jacob Hambrick, her brother, told WKBN in 2018.

Despite the family’s and authorities' best efforts to find Hambrick, her body was just recently discovered. 

According to WFMJ, a woman out searching for her missing dog discovered the remains wrapped in cloth in a wooded area in the east side of Youngstown in Ohio over two weeks ago. 

Hambrick's cause of death is currently undetermined but the case will remain open, reported WFMJ.

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