The Search for a Beloved Connecticut Woman Continues in Japan a Week After She Went Missing While Hiking

Patricia Wu-Murad smiling wearing light pink shirt and dark pink coat

Patricia Wu-Murad was reported missing on April 10 after she went hiking on the Kumano Kodo Trail.

The search for a Connecticut woman that went missing while hiking in Japan continues over a week after she was last seen. 

Patricia Wu-Murad, an experienced hiker, was reported missing on April 10 after she went hiking on the Kumano Kodo Trail and never appeared at the hostel she was to check in at later in the day, according to CT Insider.

The missing hiker's daughter, Murphy Murad, said in a GoFundMe page that police searched for 72 hours using several officers and helicopters but due to no leads and “limited resources over the weekends,” they had to end the search. 

In an effort to find their beloved family member, Wu-Murad’s husband and Murad have flown to Japan and have employed a private rescue team, Murad said. 

“Our private search and rescue team was deployed early morning on April 16 and have so far come up empty but will be continuing their efforts,” said Murad. “At this point the private search and rescue team believe, ‘that a very irregular situation occurred on April 10.’”

In the most recent update from the daughter, they plan on going to a local police department Tuesday to try and get more information and to request police resources to help find Wu-Murad. 

Wu-Murad’s sister-in-law, Julie Murad-Caruso, told NBC Connecticut that the family is trying to spread the word and has even reached out to state legislatures.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal spoke to the family and has offered his support by attempting to help locate Wu-Murad through her last known location on her phone, according to NBC Connecticut. 

Murad-Caruso said the family hopes to have Wu-Murad home in time for her and her husband’s 33rd wedding anniversary on May 19, NBC Connecticut reported.

“We are determined to bring her home safely, but we cannot do it alone,” said Murad. “We appreciate your support and positive thoughts during this difficult time. Let’s find Pattie and bring her home.” 

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