Thieves Steal Woman's Car, She Steals It Back

Danielle Reno said reclaiming her car was "exhilarating."

A 34-year-old Missouri woman tracked down the thief she says stole her car — and then took it back.

Danielle Reno was at a gas station in Kansas City, Missouri, when she says someone made off with her Toyota 4Runner with her wallet still inside. She reported the theft to cops, then took matters into her own hands. 

Reno tracked down the woman by re-activating her credit card and looking to see where the suspect made purchases. 

Eventually, Reno found her car and used her spare key to steal it back. Then, she documented what happened next on Facebook as police arrested the suspected thief and two possible accomplices. 

"You're about to see 'em get busted," Reno says in the video. 

Later, speaking to Inside Edition, Reno described the moment she reclaimed her car. 

"It was exhilarating," she said. "I had the biggest adrenaline rush ever. I was super, super happy."

But Reno said the car has been left in horrific condition, trashed to the point where she doesn't even want to drive it. 

"There were dirty clothes and underwear all over," Reno said. "It smelled horrible."