This Guy's Bachelor Party Hangover Led to a $12,000 Bill

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Is this the most expensive hangover ever?

Cameron Fischer, 30, went out drinking with his buddies two days before tying the knot. The next day, he was in a bad way, throwing up and unable to keep anything down. 

So his fiancee took him to the emergency room. 

"It would have been one thing to just wait it out, but our wedding was soon and she wanted me to be in best shape I could be for the wedding," Fischer told Inside Edition.

They missed the rehearsal dinner while doctors administered a saline solution via an IV to help combat Fischer's dehydration, as well as gave him some anti-nausea medication. 

"After that, I felt great," Fischer said.

Until the bill came. 

The hangover cure came out to a whopping $12,460. Among the expenses? $700 for two bags of saline, nearly $8,000 for a "facility fee" and a $900 drug test. 

Apparently Fischer signed a consent form when he checked into the facility outside Denver, Colorado, that authorized staff to run any and all tests that were medically necessary.

He said he's learned his lesson.

"In this case, I went in with a known cause, a known symptom, and a known solution, and they still ran ridiculous amounts of work that wasn't necessary, so always ask," he said when asked for his advice for others. 

Fischer's insurance company negotiated the cost down to roughly $4,700 and paid about $2,100. Fischer owes the rest, almost $2,600, money he wishes he could hold onto now that he's pregnant with his first child.


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