This Once 90-Pound Beagle Is Nailing His Weight Loss Journey

Erin McManus began fostering the pup when he was 90 pounds.

After beginning a weight loss journey at 90 pounds, Wolfgang the beagle is all the #healthgoals we need this holiday season.

Erin McManus began fostering the overweight dog and didn't want to give the adorable guy up, so she decided to adopt him and help him lose the weight.

Wolfgang's goal weight? 25 pounds.

“He's losing about a pound a week,” McManus told “Knowing that it was going to be a journey with him was a big reason why we did adopt them. He's just such a nice dog. Hard to say no to that face.”

To stay on the weight loss train and shed pounds, Wolfgang is now on a 600-calorie diet. 

“I make his own food. It's lean turkey as the base, lots of vegetables, and some supplements,” McManus said.

He swims in the pool now, goes on walks, and even exercises on a water treadmill weekly.

“He takes his toy with them. He always has a toy,” McManus said. "We don't know why he likes to work out with a toy, but I guess most people like working out with a friend, so I think he thinks the toys are his workout buddies.”

While McManus said she doesn’t know much about Wolfgang’s previous life, she said he has a minor thyroid problem that he is now on medication for.

McManus created an Instagram account for Wolfgang, which has already racked up 37,000 followers. So Wolfgang has all the support he needs. The dog mom said she definitely wasn’t expecting all of the attention.

“I was expecting maybe my mom would follow on Instagram, and maybe one or two other people. But you know, I mean, his personality I think, shines through,” McManus said. “Everyone likes feeling encouraged. And a morbidly obese dog trying to get fit, I think has encouraged a lot of people. I know he encourages us.”