Weight Loss Influencer Lexi Reed Shops for New Dresses After Having 7 Pounds of Excess Skin Removed

After once tipping the scales at 485 pounds, Lexi Reed is getting her health on track.

Social media influencer Lexi Reed is once again celebrating a new body, after having 7 pounds of loose skin removed following her stunning 300-pound weight loss.

After climbing the scales to a morbidly obese 485 pounds and sustaining on a diet of fast food and soda, Reed was determined to get her health on track. "I felt like if I didn't change my life, I wouldn't live to see my 30th birthday," Reed told Inside Edition.

So she hit the gym and switched to eating high-protein meals and lots of fruits and vegetables. 

Reed was once a size 28 but is now a size 10 — down 300 pounds. She showed off her smaller waistline on social media and in TV appearances.

Despite her hard work, the extreme weight loss left Reed with a lot of loose skin. "Unfortunately, you can't exercise your skin," she said.

She enlisted the help of cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joe Michaels at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. He gave Reed a lower body lift to remove the 7 pounds of excess skin in a surgery that took several hours. Michaels left the scar hidden beneath her underwear line.

Michaels said he removed almost 2 feet of skin.

Husband Danny Reed was by her side through the whole thing — just as he has always been. Danny joined Lexi on the weight loss journey too, losing nearly 100 pounds at the same time.

Four months after her surgery, Lexi was recovered and ready to once again show off a new body. 

She went shopping for new dresses in her hometown of Terre Haute, Indiana, and Inside Edition was there for the big reveal.

"Ready?" Lexi said before stepping out of the dressing room. She stunned in a vibrant blue skirt and crop top set.

Lexi knows there are more skin removal surgeries ahead, but this was another big step toward her goals.