This Spooky Spiderweb Is Getting People Into the Halloween Spirit

A majestic Orbweaver Spiderweb.
Missouri Department of Conservation

A spiderweb that has been described as big enough to catch a human was discovered by a Missouri Department of Conservation employee, sparking quite a buzz for its spooky appearance on the departments' social media. The mesmerizing photo was captured by media specialist Francis Skalicky while out on a trail near Springfield, according to the department.

Once the image was posted on the department’s Facebook page on Wednesday, nature lovers near and far commented on the beauty and mystery of this large circular spiderweb. “Beautiful piece of work. Amazing how something can be so beautiful and so scary at the same time.” 

The spider web was constructed between two trees, and the photo's perspective makes it look colossal in size.  A number of species of orb weavers can be found in Missouri. Their webs are most noticeable in late summer and fall, explained the department when webs and adults reach their largest size.

Those who may not be fans of spiders and the webs they weave may still be interested to know that the web, featured in the photo, was made by an orb weaver spider, an arachnid known for its intricate web designs, according to the department. 

Apparently, these spiders are known to be large in size -- approximately a half-inch for females -- and are usually hairy or furry. They may look menacing to some, however, these spindly creatures do more than just create photographic webs. They also help to control the population of flies and other bugs, reported CNN

Since the post there have been more than 615 likes, so far, and 3,300 shares. Some commented on the beauty of the web saying it looked like a lace doily, while others said it brought back some childhood phobias that clearly spooks them to this day.

“Shivers down my spine! Looks just like the huge web I saw in my Gramps basement though I was little and maybe not This Big. Still I'm spooked out looking at this! Said one commenter. “That web brought years of true web phobia and never left my memory. It was behind a curtain they hung up to hide storage.”

“Not a fan of spiders. They creep me out,” said another anti-spider lover. “But as a seamstress, I must say this is amazing. Truly the Lady's weaver.”

While others enjoyed the much-needed break from technology and appreciating the wonders of nature. But, for others, the photo may have had the reverse effect making those scared of spiders just a little more terrified of the little creatures and the webs they leave behind.

“I’d freak out seeing this, knowing there is a spider the size of my hand nearby *shudders* said one person.

“Beautiful,” said one visitor. “That is one thing that technology nor man can never duplicate. The intricate design and precision in such a grand display made and created by a tiny 1/2 inch spider. Awesome.”

“I love the orbweavers. They are such hard working little creatures,” said another.

In regards to walking into the intricate web, someone joked: “That’s how you teach a hiker Kung Fu.”

Some even posted that they wished they had seen the spider in action. One person even referred to the orb weaver spider as “master builders.” 

“An amazing piece of architecture would love to see the spider that spun this web.”

“Beautiful spiderweb orb weaver spiders are master builders… The webs are strong is strands of cotton thread at times beautiful!!


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