Thor the Giant Lizard Can Once Again Stroll English Parks

Thor and his human are back to enjoying their walks after the city agreed to allow the reptile in parks if he is on a leash.

Thor isn't the kind of pet most people expect to see strolling through an English park.

The black-throated monitor lizard weighs more than 40 pounds and is more than 5 feet long. 

"I tend to walk Thor in the summer time and basically when the weather is good," Gary Smith, 54, told UK newswire SWNS. "He loves the trees and water in the park, he likes to get his claws into the trees." 

After a long walk, Thor likes to feast on his favorite foods, which include steak, rats and fruit. 

"He's a strong lad," Smith said.  

And Thor has his fans at their usual walking spot in Markeaton Park in Derby, Smith said. 

"A lot of people are fascinated by him and ask if they can come and stroke him," Smith said. "Most people just get to see these behind glass walls and partitions on the zoos and on telly, so I like to let them have a feel and a stroke, especially the kids love it." 

"He's friendly and is used to being touched and handled," Smith said, adding that when Thor is done with humans, he lets them know. 

"What I tell them to be wary of is the tail, if they see it start curling up, stand back, because he's going to get ready to whack you one," he added. 

But not everyone in the park was happy to see Thor. Dog owners complained the giant reptile was scaring their pets, which led the city council to temporarily ban Thor from the park. 

But Smith and the city reached a compromise: Thor can still enjoy his strolls, but he has to be on a leash, which is just fine, Smith said. Now, the two can once again enjoy some sunshine, just in time for British summer.