Tiger Woods Was Driving Over 80 MPH in 45 MPH Zone When He Crashed, LA Officials Say

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced the findings of the investigation into the pro-golfer's one-car rollover crash in February.

Tiger Woods was speeding at up to 87 mph in a 45 mph zone before crashing his SUV in Southern California in February, authorities announced Wednesday. The one-car rollover collision was primarily caused by “driving at a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told reporters at a press conference. 

The pro-golfer underwent surgery after sustaining major leg injuries in the crash, and the car was totaled. No citations were issued and there were no signs of impairment, Villanueva said.

Surveillance video shows Woods driving minutes before the crash in Rolling Hills Estates, a wealthy suburb in Los Angeles County. He was speeding down the road on the way to a photo shoot when he clipped the median, destroyed a road sign, careened into oncoming lanes and rolled over several times before coming to rest.

Investigators found he made no attempt to brake and may have actually been accelerating at the moment he lost control.

Questions remain over what led up to the crash. Investigators did not screen Woods’ blood for alcohol or drugs and did not check his cellphone to see if he may have been distracted by a call while driving. The sheriff’s office says there was not enough evidence to obtain the necessary warrant.

On Wednesday, Villanueva addressed claims that Woods was given special or preferential treatment, saying that it was “absolutely false.”

Carlos Gonzalez, the first deputy on the scene, told Inside Edition there was no sign Woods was under the influence.

“He was pretty calm, honestly, and pretty lucid. I was able to speak to him and he was able respond to me very quickly,” Gonzalez said.

Woods was likely saved by the safety features, including ten airbags, in his luxury Genesis SUV.

Woods wrote in a statement that with the investigation closed, he’s focusing on his recovery from his serious leg injuries at home in Florida.