Tips for a Warm Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner

Fire tables, patio heaters and pop-up gazebos can make eating outside more comfortable.

Many Americans are bracing themselves for a freezing Thanksgiving dinner outdoors. It will be a first for millions this year, so how can you stay warm while eating outside on turkey day?

There are things you can do to make the day more comfortable, like a fire table, or an infrared patio heater. Fire tables are a big seller this year, according to Ron Bossert of Rattan Patio and Fireplace Shoppe in Burlington, New Jersey. Infrared patio heaters produce enough heat to keep your whole body warm.

Pop-up winter gazebos are another option. They come in three sizes, and the manufacturer, Alvantor in Los Angeles, says they’re selling like crazy. Event planner Dena Cohen and her three kids tried one out at their home.

“I love it. I feel really safe. I feel like we could have a great Thanksgiving dinner,” Cohen said.

In New Jersey, Maryanne Sullivan is planning an outdoor Thanksgiving for her family using a propane heater like the kind you see at outdoor restaurants.

When asked if she was concerned about inclement weather, Sullivan told Inside Edition that they had four heaters ready, fleece covers for the chairs and blankets at the ready.

“So we’re ready for whatever mother nature might bring our way,” Sullivan said.