Tips for Saving Gas Amid Shortage Caused by Cyberattack on Major East Coast Pipeline

Performing routine maintenance checks, keeping tires inflated, driving at slower speeds and trying carpooling can all save on gas. Hoarding gas could prolong the shortage and price hikes.

Gasoline may continue to be in short supply after a weekend cyberattack on one of the region’s major gas pipelines. Drivers from Maine to Florida are rushing to the pumps, waiting in lines that are reminding people of the oil crises from long ago.

And it’s not just in short supply, it’s expensive. Nationwide gas prices are at a 7-year high. But there are things you can do to make your gas last longer, says AAA’s Robert Sinclair.

1. Perform routine maintenance checks

When the engine is running at its optimum, it will be burning gas the most efficiently, Sinclair said. 

2. Keep tires properly inflated

You can save up to 1% per tire on overall fuel economy if you keep them inflated, Sinclair said.

3. Drive at a lower speed

Driving at a lower speed is a simple way to conserve gas. Driving faster uses more gasoline, because you have to overcome extra wind resistance, Sinclair said.

4. Try a carpool if commuting 

Carpooling is not only good for saving money, but it also cuts the traffic on the road and the pollution going into the atmosphere, Sinclair said.

Most importantly, Sinclair says not to panic-buy or hoard gas, which could prolong outages and price hikes and make them even worse. The hacked pipeline is expected to resume operations by the end of the week.

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