Today on Inside Edition: School Bus Driver Tells Screaming Kids They're Not Going Home

Video shows kids screaming hysterically, desperate to get off the bus.

Startling video shows elementary school students screaming hysterically, desperate to get off their bus, after the driver reportedly said they weren't going home because they were too noisy. He pulled into a parking lot, where they were filmed calling for help from the windows. Watch the video here.

School officials in Wichita, Kansas, say the driver followed school policy, but one parent told Inside Edition her daughter was terrified she'd be kept there overnight.

Debate also continues to rage over the photo showing a group of students appearing to give a Nazi salute. Inside Edition was there as residents of Baraboo, Wisconsin, attended a fraught community meeting, where they discussed how to move forward.

Also Friday, the mistress of Chris Watts, who killed his pregnant wife and their two young daughters, spoke out about their relationship for the first time. Watts told her he was divorcing his wife, Shan'ann. Hear the other lies she said he told her.

And in a bizarre scene in Pennsylvania, a camel was spotted on a snow-covered highway. Find out how it got there.

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