Today on Inside Edition: Woman Who Lost Fingers and Toes in Subzero Temperatures Issues Warning

Alyssa Lommel lost all her fingers and toes after she nearly froze to death.

A woman who lost all her fingers and toes after she nearly froze to death is urging students to wrap up warm on nights out.

Alyssa Lommel, who fell asleep on her stoop after a night out in 2013, shared her story with Inside Edition and revealed how life is for her today.

In California, wildfires continue to rage, and celebrities are slamming a vineyard for not evacuating animals from the path of danger. Hear what staff at the vineyard, which is home to Stanley the Giraffe, said about the decision. 

A man fleeing the Camp Fire survived by sheltering in a ravine, but his friends did not make it. His nephew later shared video of their charred remains online, saying he wanted to save other lives. He's being criticized today.

And the photographer who took the controversial image of a group of high school students apparently giving Nazi salutes is denying he told them to make the gesture. Hear what he has to say here.

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