Toddler Gets Trapped Inside Claw Machine While Fishing for Toy

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An Alabama toddler got himself into a pickle when he became trapped inside a claw machine. 

Little Ezra climbed into the arcade game while his mother and father were eating nearby at Rotolo’s Pizzeria in Fairhope.

"My 7-year-old daughter suddenly ran over to us and said, 'Ezra is in one of the games,'" Kelsey Ingersoll told "At first I thought she was exaggerating."

She wasn't. 

Ezra could be seen standing inside the claw machine, glaring out at his parents, who frantically tried to figure out how to free him. 

Eventually, firefighters had to be called to rescue him. 

"One of the fireman got in and pulled him out of the top," Ingersoll said, adding that Ezra spent about 15 to 20 minutes in the machine.

Ezra made sure to grab a trophy on the way out. 

"He did get his toy that he went in there for," Ingersoll said. "One of the policemen gave him one."

"They said he deserved it after all that," she added.


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