Tom Hanks Helps Man Propose to Girlfriend During Q&A Session

The 'Forest Gump' actor was presenting his new short fiction series 'Uncommon Type' when an audience member popped the question.

During a Q&A session with Tom Hanks on his book tour, a Texas man took the opportunity to ask an unexpected question – not to the Forrest Gump actor, but to his girlfriend.

Following Hanks’ discussion about his new short fiction series “Uncommon Type” at the Texas Book Festival in Austin, he picked audience member Ryan McFarling to ask a question.

After asking his girlfriend Nikki Young, “Will you marry me?” Hanks brought the couple on stage to make it official.

“He told me I didn’t have to say yes if I didn’t want to,” Young joked in an interview with “Tom Hanks is truly Mr. Nice Guy.”

The San Antonio couple explained they had been dating for about a year, and were gifted a set of tickets to the sold out event.

After McFarling popped the question, Young hardly had a chance to answer.

“There were no words,” McFarling said. “She was overtaken by emotion at that point.”

Young said thanks to Hank’s involvement, “we get to live a real-life romantic comedy,” and hopes the actor will accept their invitation to their wedding.

And, quoting her favorite Hanks character, Young said, “Relationships – it’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get."

Motioning toward her husband-to-be, she added: "I got the coolest, tastiest chocolate, right here."