Tom Hanks Spreads Christmas Cheer as He Pays for Fans' Meals at In-N-Out Burger

The star was dining inside the fast-food chain with his wife.

Tom Hanks gave an early Christmas gift to several customers at an In-N-Out Burger in California.

The Oscar-winning actor was reportedly all smiles as he chatted with fans inside the fast-food chain in Fontana before heading out and paying for the meals of several people waiting in the drive-thru line.

“He just had a smile the whole time and was telling people, 'Merry Christmas',” Renee Chavez, who took a video of the kind act, told

In the video, Hanks can be seen nonchalantly handing money to the cashier and walking away to his car. Chavez was among the customers who received the free Christmas meal.

“I was in shock and excited at the same time because this isn't something you see every day. Pretty cool,” Chavez added.

Hanks even stopped to take a few selfies.

“I was starstruck. Fontana is not a major city and of course the first thing that went through my mind was like, ‘What was he doing here?’” Chavez added.

Hanks has become known for his kind gestures. Last year, he helped a Texas couple get engaged during his book tour. He's also known for sending handwritten letters to fans.