Tongue Stuck on a Frozen Pole? How to Get out of the Sticky Situation

A scientist demonstrates a helpful technique.

In the classic holiday film, A Christmas Story, Ralphie's pal Flick gets his tongue stuck to a frozen pole after being triple-dog dared to. Would you know what to do if you found yourself in the same ordeal?

Julie Geoghan of The Tiny Scientist in Brooklyn, N.Y., showed Inside Edition the solution, and it doesn't involve calling the fire department.

With the help of a pole dipped in liquid nitrogen and a pig's tongue, she demonstrated what to do. 

Geoghan said if your tongue is stuck on a pole, yell as loud as you can and make sure someone gets warm water.

She said to squirt the warm water around the part of the tongue stuck to the pole. From there, you can slowly pull it off.