Tourist Left Dangling From Hang Glider After Pilot Forgets to Attach Him

Chris Gursky said he thought he was going to die.

An American tourist in Switzerland flying on a hang glider for the very first time was forced to hold on for dear life after he realized he wasn’t strapped in. 

Just a second after takeoff from the 4,000-foot mountaintop, Chris Gursky realized he was not attached and spent just over two minutes clinging tightly to the bar as he and the pilot of the glider sailed over trees.

The pilot, who was properly strapped in and with him on the device, apparently forgot to hook him up.

The tourist from Florida hung on as the pilot did his best to steer with one arm and find a place for an emergency landing. 

“I was just trying to stay calm and to trying hold on for dear life,” Gursky told Inside Edition. “I looked down and thought to myself, 'This is it. I am going to fall to my death. I am a goner.'

"I did not have much of a grip left, my hand was slipping and I had his pant leg but that was about it," he added.

Finally, they got close enough to the ground for Gursky to let go. He hit the ground hard and broke his wrist. He also tore his bicep from holding on with such a tight grip for a total of two minutes and 14 seconds.

But he survived and he has the heart-stopping video to prove it.