Town Burns Judas Figure in Revival of Centuries-Old Tradition

A fleet of boats circled a figure of the biblical figure Sunday before setting it alight.

Citizens of a Greek town on the Peloponnese peninsula have revived the old Orthodox Easter tradition of the "burning of the Judas." 

A fleet of boats circled a figure of Judas in the town of Ermioni Sunday night, or Easter Sunday in Greece, before setting it alight.

The tradition dates back several centuries.

The figure of Judas, which is often built from straw, is hung from a tree, and burned.

Thousands celebrated around the spectacle Sunday night.

It is a symbolic punishment the qualities of treason and avarice associated with Judas, the disciple of Christ who accepted a reward of 30 pieces of silver to betray his teacher.

Christians believe Judas' betrayal led to Jesus' crucifixion on Good Friday, before he rose from the dead on Easter Sunday.