Traffic Jam Forces Tennessee Trooper to Deliver Baby by Side of Highway

Trooper Aaron Ranker was the right person for this call because he was a former EMT.

A traffic jam caused a woman to have to give birth on the side of a highway with the help of a trooper.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Aaron Ranker was the right person for this call. Before joining the Highway Patrol, Ranker was an EMT

"With my medical experience,” Ranker said, “I did realize, it was imminent and there was no waiting for the ambulance”

The new parents, James and Shane Madrid, are grateful for Officer Ranker’s presence.

"Couldn’t have asked for a better trooper to come be there for me,” Shane said. “I would have not been able to do it without him." 

"We have some parts of our job that are you know kind of tough sometimes,“ Ranker said, “but to do something like that just was means everything in the world." 

The Madrids’ little boy is healthy and mother and baby are getting medical care before heading home.

Because he was born three weeks early, the new parents say they haven’t come up with a name for their son yet.

And in honor of the person who helped deliver him, Aaron or even Trooper aren’t bad options.

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