Trio Caught on Camera Allegedly Robbing Camera Store

Trio Caught on Camera Allegedly Robbing Camera Store

Three people allegedly tried to rob a camera store — and were caught on camera.

The alleged thieves entered the Santa Rosa, California, store in broad daylight while employees were inside.

"He had a backpack on backward so, he was grabbing lens and stuffing into his backpack," said master photographer Scott Manchester.

Store owner Mike Paschka said the employees rushed to the front of the store and managed to catch two of the suspects.

But Manchester was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher when things took a turn.

“She was like, ‘Is it an armed robbery?’ I go, 'I don’t think so.' Then all of a sudden someone shouts, 'Gun,' and I’m like, 'OK, armed robbery,'” he said.

Police said one of the suspects dropped a loaded 9mm handgun on the floor but someone else quickly grabbed it and secured it away.

Cops arrested two of the alleged robbers, but one got away.


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