Trump and Biden Will Hold Separate Town Halls Instead of Debate

Trump and Biden at first debate
Getty Images

In place of a debate that was scheduled to take place Thursday night, President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will be participating in their own televised town halls in different cities. The events are set for the exact same time, with Trump on NBC and Biden on ABC.

“Today Show” anchor Savannah Guthrie will be moderating Trump’s event outdoors at the Perez Art Museum in Miami. The network says they’re taking unprecedented steps to independently verify that the president isn’t a danger to Guthrie or the audience.

Guthrie and Trump will be 12 feet apart, and the audience will be socially distanced and required to wear face masks.

The dueling town halls, both at 8 p.m., have voters in a quandary over which one to watch.

Meanwhile, Trump appeared Tuesday night at a massive rally in Johnston, Pennsylvania. He was pictured once again dancing to the music, but expressed frustration at his poor poll numbers. He’s also under fire for claiming he’s “immune” to the coronavirus.

On Wednesday, Trump doubled down on his attacks on Biden’s mental state, retweeting a doctored image showing Biden in a wheelchair in a retirement home. Biden is working to win over elderly voters that could put him over the top in battleground states like Florida.


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