Trump International Hotel in D.C. Under Scrutiny as Impeachment Trial Begins

The lobby is a magnet for Trump supporters.

As the Senate is sworn in ahead of the President Trump's impeachment trial, the former businessman's luxurious Trump International in D.C. is under scrutiny.

Lev Parnas, the associate of Rudy Giuliani claims the president was aware of the alleged campaign to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden, said he and Giuliani held meetings at the hotel. 

“It was like a breeding ground at the Trump hotel,” Parnas said. “Every event would be there, so everybody would hang out there afterwards, all the meetings would be there.” 

The lobby is a magnet for Trump supporters. Omorosa got married there before she was fired from the administration.
Journalist Zach Everson has made a career out of staking out the hotel. “I walk in and the bartenders start chatting, the manager will come over and start talking to me,” he told Inside Edition. “You know they're keeping an eye on me but that's OK because I’m keeping an eye on them too.” 

His blog has become a virtual visitors log of the high-profile power brokers, lobbyists and foreign government officials — including the Russian ambassador — who visit the hotel.