TSA Finds Gun Stuffed in a Frozen Chicken in a Passenger’s Carry-On

Gloved hand legs chicken leg aside to reveal hand gun stuffed inside chicken

“There’s a personal fowl here,” TSA wrote in a tweet.

TSA found an unlikely dish stuffed in a passenger's carry-on feast.

TSA officials at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Int’l Airport (FLL) were in for a surprise when they found a stuffed frozen chicken with a handgun as the secret ingredient in a passenger's carry-on.

TSA took to their social media to share their puns on the security threat and urged passengers to look over their rules before traveling with stuffed birds.

“There’s a personal fowl here. Our officers @FLLFlyer made this very raw find. We hate to break it to you but stuffing a firearm in your holiday bird for travel is just a baste of time,” said the TSA in a tweet.

While traveling with a whole frozen chicken may seem a bit odd, it is allowed as long as its packed with ice that is completely frozen, according to TSA.

Handguns, such as the one used as stuffing, are not allowed in carry-ons, but are allowed in checked bags so long as the airline is notified of its presence, TSA reported

So if you’re planning on flying with a frozen bird or a handgun, make sure you take your weapons out of its clucking holster and put it in your checked bag and notify TSA.

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