Turkeys Are Served Their Own Meal as Guests of Honor at This Shelter's Thanksgiving Feast

"Instead of eating them, we turn the table," farm co-founder Gene Baur told InsideEdition.com.

Winner winner, turkey dinner!

For Thanksgiving at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, N.Y., turkeys are served for dinner — not as the meal, but as the guests of honor.

A flock of rescued turkey living at the farm feasted on pumpkin pie, cranberries, kale and more for the farm’s annual "Celebration for the Turkeys."

"Instead of eating them, we turn the table," the farm's co-founder Gene Baur told InsideEdition.com. "It's beautiful to watch kids feeding turkeys and interacting with them in a positive way."

He explained that their farm started the annual tradition as a way to celebrate the turkey — without eating them. 

"For Thanksgiving, we do our celebration for the turkeys to draw attention to these animals that this time of year are being discussed, but not in a way that is healthy and humane for animals," Baur explained. "It's about being kind to other animals."

The farm also invites human members of the community to watch the turkeys feast, and then dine on their own vegan Thanksgiving dinner filled with tofurkey, lentil shepherd's pie and apple pie. 

All of the turkeys living at the farm are rescued, Baur explained. Some come to them from slaughterhouses and others are turned over to the farm from people who could no longer take care of their turkey as a pet.

Those who would like to support the turkeys can choose to sponsor them. The farm also does private adoptions to people who have the capabilities of taking care of their own turkeys.

"Turkeys have feelings, they have personalities," Baur said. They deserve to be treated with respect."