Twin Girls, 2, Rescued From Water After Cops Say Suicidal Dad Drives Off Cliff

Officer Jonathan Wiese repelled down the cliff to rescue the girls from the water.

A San Diego police officer is being hailed a hero after an incredible rescue that saved the lives of twin 2-year-old girls. Dramatic video shows the vehicle submerged in water after the girls' father, Robert Brians, allegedly drove off a cliff with his daughters in his lap in an apparent suicide attempt, according to police.

Police say they got a call from Brians' wife around 4:30 a.m., saying he taken off with the girls and threatened to drive off the bridge. They tracked his phone, but were unable to stop him from driving off a cliff at around 60-70 mph. 

Police officer Jonathan Wiese was one of the first officers on the scene and sprang into action. A K-9 cop, Wiese used his dog leash to repel down the 50-foot cliff to save the twins from the water.

Both girls were carried to safety and Brians was airlifted out of the water and taken to an ambulance. A GoFundMe set up by a friend of the twins' mother will raise money for the girls' medical expenses. A family member said they are stable and doing well. 

Brians had previously owned a tile company but filed for bankruptcy. His wife filed for divorce in April, and in February, he was reportedly arrested for domestic battery. Now he's booked on kidnapping and attempted murder charges. His arraignment is scheduled for June 30.