Twinning! Woman Who Carried Twin Sister's Babies Gives Birth to Boy and Girl

Jill Noe is pregnant with twins, acting a surrogate for her own twin, Whitney Bliesner.
Inside Edition

The proud auntie gave birth to her niece and nephew, little Rhett and Rhenley.

For these twin sisters who have marked every life milestone together, having babies was no different.

Whitney Bliesner, 35, told Inside Edition in April that she never thought she would be a mother after being diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder as a child. The hormonal changes from pregnancy could enhance her tumor growth, so she and her husband looked into adoption and surrogacy to expand their family.

But all seemed lost when they realized those paths were too expensive — until Bliesner's best friend stepped in.

Her twin sister, Jill Noe, decided to be Bliesner's surrogate. After using donor eggs, so Bliesner's disease would not be passed down, and her husband's sperm, Noe became pregnant with not one baby, but twins.

The proud auntie gave birth to her niece and nephew on June 7. Little Rhett was born at 7 pounds, and Rhenley weighed in at 4 pounds.

"It's really hard as a twin knowing that you have a best friend who's sick and there's nothing you can do about it but sit back and watch. So to finally have this opportunity to give her something that was gonna be taken away from her has been a true blessing for me," Noe told Inside Edition.

And Bliesner was right there in the delivery room to welcome her babies into the world.

“I got to sit right next to Jill’s head so I saw everything,” Bliesner told Today Parents. “When Rhett and Rhenley were finally out, I just felt this overwhelming sense of happiness and relief.”

Bliesner said she is thankful to Jill, who had not given birth before, for giving her the gift of motherhood.

"It was crazy to see it all coming to an end," Bliesner told "She produced these healthy babies and did her job very, very well. I'm very proud of her and amazed at her doing this for me. Now she can have her life back."

And the little bundles of joy turned out to be early birthday presents for the sisters, whose own birthdays are in the same month.