Uber Killer '100 Percent' Does Not Care About Pain He Caused Families, Victim's Daughter Says

Jason Dalton pleaded guilty to killing six people in a 2016 rampage in Kalamazoo, Michigan, earlier this week.

The daughter and sister of two victims killed in a 2016 shooting spree in Kalamazoo, Michigan, don't think the man responsible feels any remorse. 

Jason Dalton, 48, pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the rampage that killed six people in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in February 2016 in shootings at three different locations. Two others were injured. 

The story attracted nationwide attention because Dalton allegedly continued working as an Uber driver between the apparently random shootings, picking up and dropping off passengers as though nothing had happened, while police hunted for the gunman. 

He told the court Monday he was pleading guilty to avoid putting his family through a stressful trial.  

The news was bittersweet for families of the victims. Emily Lemmer, whose father and brother were killed, fought back tears at the hearing. 

When asked by Inside Edition whether she thinks Dalton understands the pain he's caused her family, as well as others, Lemmer replied, "100 percent not."

"Nor does he care," added Emily's mother, Laurie Smith.

Dalton appeared calm during the hearing, a stark contrast to another court appearance two and a half years ago, when he lunged at one of his victims, Tiana Carruthers, as she testified in court at a pre-trial hearing. Carruthers, who was shot four times shielding a group of children, sobbed as Dalton was dragged from the courtroom. 

Uber reportedly said Dalton passed a background check and there were no indications that any warning flags were missed. Dalton had no previous criminal record, according to police. 

Dalton's sentencing hearing is set for February.