'UFO' Spotted in North Carolina Turns Out to Be Goodyear Blimp

The man who filmed the now-viral video told Inside Edition he's not convinced.

Is the truth out there?

A North Carolina man is convinced he spotted a UFO after recording footage of a stationary object hovering in the sky over a lake on his cellphone. The shaky video has gone viral since being posted over the weekend.
“It was like nothing that I’d ever seen before. That's why I thought it was not of this world,” Jason Swing told Inside Edition. 

However, it turned out the sighting wasn’t a UFO but instead a Goodyear blimp covering a nearby NASCAR race. 

"We don't want to get in the way of a good story, but that's definitely us,” Goodyear said in a statement.

Swing, however, is not convinced.

“I never seen a blimp that looked like that,” he said.