University of Idaho Murder Victim Ethan Chapin Laid to Rest as Pressure Mounts for Answers in Killings

Stacy Chapin choked back tears at her son Ethan Chapin’s funeral, which honored the 20-year-old’s life that was violently cut short when he and his friends Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves were slain Nov. 13.

The first of the four murdered University of Idaho students was laid to rest, with the grief-stricken family saying their son lived life to the fullest. But their sadness is mixed with mounting frustration that almost a week after the killings of Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves, there’s still no break in the case.

Stacy Chapin choked back tears at her son’s funeral, which honored the 20-year-old’s life that was violently cut short.

“We're here to honor the life and legacy of our son, and brother, Ethan Chapin, one of the most incredible people you will ever know,” she said.

Chapin was a triplet, born before his sister Maizie and brother Hunter. They accompanied their mother and father to their brother’s untimely funeral. “Together we want to extend gratitude to the Moscow Police Department, who now carry the burden every day not only for us but for all the impacted families,” Stacy Chapin said.

Pressure is mounting on cops for a breakthrough, but former FBI Assistant Director Bill Swecker says police may be on the wrong track.

“We aren't seeing any suspect that had a motive or a means or an opportunity or a capability,” he says. “That would be very hard to hide if someone had that level of animosity. So, it appears at this point they are stumped.”

He believes that the murders are the work of a predator.

“Someone who selected them that evening, saw them in a bar or a food truck… one of these four and followed them back to the residence and did this on a sort of a random basis,” he tells Inside Edition.

At the same time, new videos are emerging showing the carefree life inside the six-bedroom house that the fun-loving friends shared. In one, Kaylee Goncalves wears a “Mean Girls” Halloween costume just days before she was killed.

Goncalves’s dog, Murphy, was found unharmed in the home where she and the others were killed and has since been given to “a responsible party,” police said. The dog was owned jointly with Goncalves’s ex-boyfriend Jack. They dated for five years but recently broke up.

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