US Sees Rise in Travel as More People Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

At least 5.2 million travelers were screened at airports over the past four days.

As vaccines continue to roll out, with 28% of Americans having received at least one dose of the vaccine, travel is seeing an increase as well. At least 5.2 million travelers were screened at airports over the past four days, the largest number of travelers recorded since last March when the pandemic began. Spring break as well as people looking to plan and book their summer vacations early are some of the reasons behind the rise.

“Vaccine rollout has given people confidence... and we're all stir crazy... gotta get away,” Travel expert Pauline Frommer told Inside Edition.

Frommer also said there are fewer flights so planes will be more packed. All planes are now thoroughly disinfected between flights and ventilation systems are constantly running. All travelers must wear a mask on board as well as part of federal regulations. If passengers don’t comply, they can face penalties ranging from fines to jail time.

Tom McAlpin is the CEO of Virgin Voyages, an upcoming cruise line. He told Inside Edition about precautions he is taking, as cruise bookings are skyrocketing as well.

“We're gonna be requiring all of our sailors and all of our crew to be vaccinated [and] test before they get on,” McAlpin said.

While America is opening up, Europe seems to be going backward and experiencing a third wave, with some countries like Italy likely to shut down again.

“They took their eye off the ball... These should be warning signs for all of us,” said CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.