U.S. Soldiers Who Inspired '12 Strong' Film Walk the Red Carpet at Premiere

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The upcoming movie, 12 Strong, may seem a little far-fetched, but the U.S. soldiers who inspired the film are sharing details about the incredible true story. 

The film, which stars Chris Hemsworth, Michael Pena and Michael Shannon, centers around American Special Forces in Afghanistan left with horses as their only mode of transportation in a battle against the Taliban, weeks after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Hemsworth’s character is based on retired Green Beret Mark Nutsch, who was on the red carpet for Tuesday night's premiere in New York City. 

“The horses were certainly a surprise, but were absolutely critical to the maneuverability in that rugged terrain,” he told Inside Edition. 

Retired Green Beret Bob Pennington was also involved in the actual mission. 

“I still have saddle sores to this day,” he admitted. “The terrain itself was unbelievably rough and we were able to negotiate through that, complete the campaign and win.” 

These real-life heroes say they're amazed at how accurately the movie depicts their experiences from the battle.

"To see it on the big screen is humbling," Nutsch added. 

12 Strong opens in theaters Friday.   


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