Utah Woman Caught on Video Being Abducted at Gas Station After Yelling for Help: Cops

Police now say the woman is in her mid-30s and was in a relationship with the alleged suspect.

A Utah man was caught on tape throwing a woman over his shoulder and driving away with her in South Salt Lake City.

22-year-old Carl Gravitt has been arrested and booked into jail charged with kidnapping, assault, receipt or transfer of a stolen vehicle, and possession of drug paraphernalia

In the video, the woman is running outside a gas station convenience store. Witnesses told police she asked for help from bystanders and attempted to hide under another person’s truck. 

Once Gravitt picked her up, police say witnesses told them she was kicking and screaming, “Help me. Please help me.”

An Amber Alert for child abductions was issued when the victim was thought to be a teenager due to her small stature and a size-three shoe left at the scene. 

Police now say the woman is in her mid-30s and was in a relationship with Gravitt. 

The two were found together inside an allegedly stolen vehicle. Investigators identified Gravitt as their suspect after matching his tattoos in a database.

According to the police probable cause statement, Gravitt told authorities he did not know the car was stolen and also said the woman “was afraid he was going to assault her because he had in the past.” 

Carl Gravitt is being held without bail.

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